One world, the same rights

We constitute a platform to make visible, raise awareness, research and influence in human rights issues.

The Interdisciplinary Network of Human Rights (REDii) has its origin in the XXXIII Interdisciplinary Course on Human Rights "Effective Security within the Inter-American System", organized by the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights (IIDH) in San José - Costa Rica, in the year 2015, which brought together participants from 19 nationalities of Latin America and the Caribbean. With the conviction to keep working and promoting human rights, some of the participants decided to create a network, plural in nature, articulated by different professionals and human rights defenders who act and contribute in civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, intergovernmental organizations and public human rights bodies at the inter-American level.


Influence, research and promote the full enjoyment of human rights through regional activities and projects with an interdisciplinary and inter-American perspective.


Generate a space for discussion, analysis, cooperation and feedback of the promotion, protection and defense of human rights actions that allows to influence the full enjoyment of human rights in the region and constitute REDii as a reference network in the Americas.


  • Contribute to the strengthening of the Inter-American Human Rights System.
  • Highlight the regional strategies of the different actors of civil society, governmental and non-governmental.
  • Foster activities and projects in human rights at the regional level.
  • Promote cooperation among different regional actors dedicated to the promotion, protection and defense of human rights.
  • Influence the development of public policies with a transversal and integral approach in human rights.

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    We are an interdisciplinary Network dedicated to raising awareness, dissemination, research and advocacy in the field of human rights.